The Hol­cim Ger­ma­ny Group, with its 2,100 employees and 150 sites, is one of the lar­gest manu­fac­tu­rers of buil­ding mate­ri­als (cement, aggre­ga­tes, rea­dy-mix con­cre­te and pre­cast con­cre­te ele­ments) in Ger­ma­ny and the Nether­lands. It belongs to the lea­ding glo­bal buil­ding mate­ri­als com­pa­ny LafargeHolcim. Hol­cim signed up to sustainab­le deve­lop­ment many years ago, a com­mit­ment that is also part of LafargeHolcim’s glo­bal group stra­te­gy. In Schles­wig-Hol­stein Hol­cim ope­ra­tes a cement plant at Läger­dorf near Itze­hoe, an export ter­mi­nal for cement at Bruns­büt­tel and several sand and gra­vel plants. With its buil­ding mate­ri­als and ser­vices, Hol­cim sup­plies solu­ti­ons to meet some of the grea­test chal­len­ges facing our socie­ty: to crea­te pla­ces to live and work, build infra­st­ruc­tu­re, hydrau­lic engi­nee­ring and coas­tal defence; to faci­li­ta­te mobi­li­ty, safe­guard ener­gy sup­plies and deli­ver inno­va­ti­on.

Activi­ties in the real-world labo­ra­to­ry

The Läger­dorf cement plant is to host a fea­si­bi­li­ty stu­dy in the con­text of invest­ment pre­pa­ra­ti­on for con­ver­si­on to an oxy­fu­el pro­cess (= NOx saving, clo­sing the mate­ri­al loop — use of sur­plus oxy­gen from hydro­gen pro­duc­tion for the plant’s own pro­duc­tion pro­cess). The stu­dy is also inten­ded to deli­ver reli­able assump­ti­ons con­cer­ning the tech­ni­cal and eco­no­mic fea­si­bi­li­ty of sepa­ra­ting out CO2 at the Läger­dorf cement plant (= clo­sing mate­ri­al loops, drasti­cal­ly redu­cing emis­si­ons — CO2 beco­mes a valu­able raw mate­ri­al for syn­the­sising metha­nol).

Long-term visi­on

The sur­plus oxy­gen (O2) ari­sing from the hydro­gen pro­duc­tion in Hei­de will be fed into the cement plant’s com­bus­ti­on pro­cess, resul­ting in con­co­mitant savings of 60% of the cur­rent NOx emis­si­ons. The high-puri­ty car­bon dioxi­de (CO2) will be cap­tu­red and in turn used as a raw mate­ri­al in indus­tri­al-sca­le metha­nol pro­duc­tion (100% reduc­tion in CO2 emis­si­ons, an annu­al saving of approx. 1 mil­li­on ton­nes): a major and inno­va­ti­ve deve­lop­ment step/milestone towards signi­fi­cant­ly lower-emis­si­on cement pro­duc­tion. www.holcim.de/de

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